The 2nd Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever

  • Posted on: 11 March 2016
  • By: Lore

The Wounded Land Book CoverAt the start of The Wounded Land over 4,000 years have passed since the end of the first trilogy (time moves at a different rate in the Land) and Thomas Covenant is once again summoned back to the Land. This time, however, he is not alone when he arrives as Dr. Linden Avery is summoned along with him. They arrive to find that the Land has been completely corrupted and a malicous force known as the Sunbane has made the Land almost uninhabitable. When the sun rises in the morning it does so with a colored aura every day. That aura dictates what happens to the Land throughout the day cycling at random times between rain, desert, pestilence and unnatural fertility. So day by day the Land either floods, has all plant life die away under oppressive heat, gets overrun by bugs, or has plant life grow at an alarming rate creating a jungle. Revelstone is now inhabited by the Clave who fuel the Sunbane through blood sacrifice and the few remaining inhabitants of the Land have adapted to use blood magic of their own. Covenant's heart is broken when he sees how the beauty of the Land has been corrupted and he vows to set things right and abolish the Sunbane. This is exactly what Lord Foul wants and he takes active steps to increase Covenant's ability to use the power of his white gold ring. Foul hopes to provoke Covenant to recklessly use his wild magic in anger and shatter the Arch of Time on his behalf. The state of the Land in this book broke my heart and I found that Donaldson had manipulated my feelings once again as I was now a staunch supporter of Thomas Covenant.

The One Tree Book CoverBook two is The One Tree and the series finally leaves the Land for other parts of the world. Covenant decides to create a new Staff of Law so that the power of the Sunbane can be put to rest and to do that he must travel across the ocean to the location of the One Tree. Covenant and Linden, accompanied by the Haruchai and the Giants, undertake the quest for the One Tree and venture to many new locations. New races and concepts are introduced into the story further expanding the rich lore of Donaldson's realm. The Elohim, omnipotent beings of Earthpower, intervene in the quest and put Covenant into a coma to circumvent Foul's plan of making Covenant so powerful that he can't control his ring. The Bhrathair, who live at the edge of a desert containing Sandgorgons, are under the influence of a wizard named Kasreyn of the Gyre, who has ulterior motives of his own. And finally, the legend of the Worm of World's End comes to the forefront as messing with the One Tree risks destroying the world by disturbing the legendary worm. This book breathes new life into the series and helps build the anticipation of Covenant's return to the Land in book three.

White Gold Wielder Book CoverWhite Gold Wielder is the conclusion of the second trilogy and it all comes to a head when Covenant's party returns to the Land to put an end to the Sunbane. Upon returning to the Land they discover that things have gotten worse as the evil Clave have stepped up their sacrificing of the people of the Land to fuel the Sunbane. Armed with a new Staff of Law, Covenant takes the fight to Revelstone in order to bring to an end the Clave and the Sunbane at the same time. After an epic confrontation he then turns his sights on Lord Foul and once again heads towards Foul's seat of power in Mount Thunder to confront him. As far as Foul is concerned, everything is going according to his plans as Convenant's power is almost uncontrollable and every time he uses it he risks destroying the Arch of Time. As long as Foul can provoke Covenant into a fight he is going to win. The only one who can possibly prevent this outcome is Linden Avery and her health-sense. She is faced with a paradox of her own as the only way she can stop Covenant is to possess him in exactly the same way that Foul's Ravers possess others and to her that is abominable. Stephen R. Donaldson again masterfully divides the reader's loyalties for and against Covenant up until the epic conclusion.

Sadly there is no audiobook version of the Second Chronicles that I am aware of. Scott Brick originally promised to deliver them through his website but it has never happened so reading is your only option here.