The Inheritance Trilogy - an absorbing fantasy series

  • Posted on: 30 January 2021
  • By: Sevhina

Nahadoth, a being of darkness and chaos, was alone until Itempas, a being of light and order, joined him. They were both overjoyed to have a companion, and eventually they were joined by a third god, Enefa. With her to provide balance they were able to create the world and humans to worship them. They also discovered that by mingling their energy they could create lesser gods that contained various attributes of their parents. Nahadoth was change itself, but for Itempas, the god of law and order, change was something to be feared and there came a time when Enefa could no longer maintain peace between them. In an effort to return to their earlier happiness Itempas kills Enefa but this only results in Nahadoth vowing revenge. The human world is broken in this war between the gods until eventually Itempas emerges as the victor. Nahadoth and his children and bound by Itempas to serve the family of his favored priestess, the Arameri.

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms begins when Yeine, a forgotten member of the Arameri, is summoned home as one of three possible heirs. Having been raised in the north she knows almost nothing of her father and his family, but Lord Arameri rules the entire world so she cannot refuse without her homeland being destroyed. Yeine is lost among the secrets and politics, both mundane and divine. She is fascinated by Nahadoth and befriended by the child god Sieh, but as she learns more of the gods and their strange history she discovers that she's only a pawn who's fate is to die. She can only decide wether she dies for the good of humanity, or in an attempt to free the gods.

The Broken Kingdoms follows the story of Oree Shoth, a strange blind woman who has a forbidden magic gift as she gets mixed up in something that should be impossible; someone is killing gods. The first dead god she finds is a homeless man who's only godly power appears to be reanimating at dawn after he dies. The only one trying to kill the god she dubs Shiny, because he glows at dawn and he won't give her a name, is the man himself. Her discovery of a truly dead god brings her the wrong kind of attention, and she finds herself captured by cultists who need her help to kill more gods. Fortunately, there is more to Shiny than suicidal thoughts and glowing. Oree will discover the greatest secret of the gods but they will learn hers in return.

The Kingdom of the Gods is about Sieh, the god of childhood as he struggles with putting aside eternal childhood when growing up might literally mean his death. His first mistake was caring about any of the Arameri. Then he foolishly allows himself to fall in love. Things go down hill from there.

All three books are very well written. Unfortunately, I never managed to build up much interest in the third book but the first two are both absorbing. Fortunately, they are only a trilogy by virtue of taking place in the same world although reading them in order makes sense of the timeline. Ii have not read the e-only short stories and novella. Paramount Pictures bought the rights to the series in 2019 although I'm not sure they would make good movies. They each have 4.5-5 stars on Audible and the same narrator reads all three.