Rage - the start of new Joe Ledger series

  • Posted on: 14 May 2021
  • By: Lore

Rage Book CoverThe last Joe Ledger series came to a close with the formation of a new agency, Rogue Team International, which replaced the Department of Military Sciences after it fell out of favor with the current administration of the US government. RTI is much smaller than the DMS, but other than new team names and new call signs, it is still playing a similar role protecting the world from the largest and most deadly threats. In theory, RTI should be able to play an even bigger role now that it has no affiliation with any country, but since Mr. Church is still running things and Joe Ledger is still the main operative, the rest of the world isn't so quick to accept RTI's professed neutrality. Nevertheless, RTI is first on the scene when leaked footage appears to show the United States testing a new bio-weapon on the inhabitants of a small North Korean island. A bio-weapon that almost instantly turns anyone it comes into contact with into a rage filled killer...

All of the key characters that remain alive from the first series are back, as are some of the bad guys, so this is familiar ground for Joe ledger fans despite all the name changes. In fact it is pretty much the same as the prior series except for the lack of tension between the US government and the DMS and that was getting old anyway. This new threat starts small but the stakes grow as the story goes on until it comes to quite an impactful conclusion that was an emotional gut punch for any fan of the series. I will leave things spoiler free but the ending of this one made me eager for the next book and also has me worried about what the real impact of the final scene is going to be. The next book, Relentless, is due out this year and the title alone has me raring to go. So if you are a Joe Ledger fan then I would definitely suggest you pick this one up and experience the Rage for yourself.

Ray Porter does his usual excellent job narrating the audiobook version and he is well established as the voice of Joe Ledger so nobody else would suffice.