Deep Silence - once again the fate of the world is on the line

  • Posted on: 25 January 2019
  • By: Lore

Deep Silence Book CoverEarlier in the series Jonathan Maberry did an excellent job of coming up with unique threats for each book and finding a way to explain the existence of mythical creatures with "scientific" reasons. This allowed Joe Ledger to exist in a world grounded in modern science and yet battle all kinds of fictional creatures to keep us safe. However, the last book, Dogs of War, re-used a lot of threats from earlier in the series and when this book started with pretty much the exact scene from the start of a prior book I instantly knew I was in for more of the same.

I quickly grew dissatisfied when the book started with agents trying to arrest Joe Ledger as he visits the grave of Helen, his ex-girlfriend who committed suicide after being gang raped.  When it was also revealed that the President was thinking about revoking the DMS charter and that the main threat was related to the God Machines I couldn't help but feel that this book was once again a bunch of re-used concepts from earlier in the series. Luckily by the end I was eventually won over simply because the main story arch and character advancements felt significant enough to elevate this book above the last one. The ending alone left me wanting more.

For audiobook fans there is no difference between Ray Porter and Joe Ledger at this point and he does his usual excellent job bringing all of the characters to life. If Porter ever stops being the narrator of this series I am certain I will not continue listening as that just wouldn't work.