Age of Death - death is more interesting than I thought

  • Posted on: 21 August 2020
  • By: Lore

Age of Death book coverAge of Death picks up right where the last book ended, which is good since that one had a major cliffhanger ending. However, don't get your hopes up for resolution as Sullivan serves up another such ending this time as well. The characters are now front and center instead of the war and yet the stakes have never been higher. Tressa's group is well on their way through the "hidden passage" to the Elven capitol, where they hope to rescue Suri, but they need arrive before the Elves manage to get the secret of dragon summoning from her. It may already be too late though as Suri has some new Elven allies who have convinced her that teaching their leader to summon dragons is the best way to bring about peace. It isn't clear which choice for Suri will lead to the best outcome but there are plenty of interesting revelations that happen along the way.

This book focuses heavily on world building as the afterlife and how it supposedly works is a main theme throughout and I must admit that I found it very interesting. Sullivan does a great job fleshing out the belief system and tying it to the gods of the different peoples that inhabit the world. The characters also have to come to grips with the moral choices of their past and many relationships are put to the test as hidden truths come into the light. Through these revelations each character must face many ethical challenges and forgiveness becomes a form of power. We also learn a lot more about Malcolm and who he really is.

If you enjoy the characters in this series then you will like this one a lot, but if you are sticking with it for the bigger plot of the war then little happens in this book. Either way it all wraps up in the next one and the second cliffhanger in a row was a natural stopping point that left me looking forward to the finale. Tim Gerard Reynolds is great as always as the narrator of the audiobook version.