Age of Legend - the war is at a stalemate.

  • Posted on: 7 August 2020
  • By: Lore

Age of Legend Book CoverWhen the second half of the series begins a number of years have passed in the war between the humans and the elves. The humans have pushed the elves back to the Nidwalden river but the tower of Avempartha has prevented them from advancing any further and it has been this way for years. Out on the open plains, the humans rule with their superior numbers and their dragon ally, but within the forest near Avempartha the elves always come out on top in any skirmish. All attempts by the humans to cross the Nidwalden river have resulted in disaster as the magic wielders within Avempartha can easily stop all crossings from afar. It is within this period of frustration that Persephone decides to seek peace with the Elven leader and he agrees to talk, but only on his terms. He will only speak with Suri, the human mystic who summoned the dragon, and he requires her to come alone to the Elven capital. Is this the best hope for a peaceful resolution or is it just a trap that could turn the war against the humans?

Allegiances are being tested on both sides of the conflict as the frustration of the military stalemate wears everyone down. Persephone secretly chooses to let Suri go to speak with the Elven leader and when that doesn't go according to plan she realizes that she may have just cost them the war. It is at this time that Tressa reveals that many years ago Malcolm gave her a key and told her she would need to go to the Elven homeland to open a cage. Tressa believes that she must go save Suri but she is met with little support when she informs Persephone of this. However, Tressa feels this is her one opportunity for redemption in life and she makes plans to go even without Persephone's support. This starts a quest where Tressa's band plans to go into a swamp to meet the legendary Tetlin Witch, the immortal being believed to be responsible for most bad things in the world, in order to find a secret passage to the Elven capitol.

This was the second big "quest" of the series and because both the characters and world are much more flushed out now it was very engaging. Be warned though that this one ends with a major cliffhanger so be prepared to jump right into the next book to find out how things turn out. The title of the next Book, Age of Death, is rather ominous but by the time you get to the cliffhanger ending you will view that title in a different light.

Tim Gerard Reynolds narrates the audiobook version and he makes the story a joy to listen to.