Galilee Falls - serious Superheroes

  • Posted on: 19 June 2020
  • By: Sevhina

Justice Book CoverGalilee Falls is known as the Super capitol of North America. In this gritty take on the superhero genre the villains will strike at the innocent, the heroes are just flawed mortals, and sometimes evil triumphs. Galilee Falls is proud of its home grown hero, the powerful Justice. He flies, he's seemingly invulnerable, and he has all the best toys. But Joanna is disgusted by the collateral damage of Super battles like the one in which her father died and in her opinion the Falls would be safer if Justice wasn't such an obvious challenge for the villains. She is determined to prove that ordinary cops like herself can deal with the villains but then the Super she took down, Alkaline, escapes from prison and is out for revenge on both Joanna and Justice, exposing their secrets and breaking them down heart and soul.

Book two, Galilee Rising, starts at a low point in Joanna's life. She's still grieving for her best friend and confused by what she really felt for him. No longer a cop, she's trying to run the charitable foundation she inherited from Justice, which means moving among the elite wealthy that she always hated. The only good thing to happen is meeting Joel, a brilliant doctor and friend of Justice's fiance. But he's painfully shy around the plain spoken Joanna so she isn't sure he's interested. Then the Royal Triumvirate made up of King Tempest, Lady Liberty, and Lord Nightingale comes to Galilee Falls and Joanna is drawn into their world in an attempt to understand Justice better. Like most A-list superheroes they have a long history with a rival supervillain and it isn't long before Emperor Caine comes to town as well. Joanna is determined to help despite her lack of powers and again finds herself falling in love with a man who can't tell her the truth about himself.

This is one trilogy that won't settle for the easy happy ending. In Heroes Fall, book three, Joanna is once again grappling with secrets and tragedy. She loves Joel and thinks she knows all of his secrets but on a business trip she discovers that he has lied to her about something even bigger than his alter-ego and she's not sure she can forgive him. At the same time a new villain is insinuating himself into her life. Just as Joanna sees herself as a hero, it doesn't take super powers to be a supervillain. Without Justice or the Royal Triumvirate it's up to the bitter ex-cop to save Galilee Falls, and the men she loves, if she can.

If you enjoy superhero movies or comic books then you should visit Galilee Falls. Its a bit grittier than most superhero stories and the heroes are at a disadvantage since the villains are more than willing to kill. Since there is a high turn-over rate among the heroes, the continuing story entirely depends on Joanna's growth as a character. Her attitude evolves enough to keep the story moving although she never completely forgets the pain. The best aspect of the story is that the superheroes are essentially just ordinary people with the usual flaws and emotional hang ups despite their extraordinary gifts. 

Sadly the Galilee Falls trilogy isn't available in audio, but it is in e-book through Barnes and Noble. Amazon only has the first book, Justice. They are also available in paperback.