Son of a Liche - more fantasy fun

  • Posted on: 31 January 2020
  • By: Lore

Son of a Liche Book CoverWhat's worse than an undead army that is lead by a powerful Liche approaching your city with plans to destroy it? Of course it is an undead army with a Marketing department that is actively convincing your defenders to switch sides before the fighting even starts. This horror and more await Gorm Ingerson and his party of "heroes" who find themselves disgraced and on the run after the events of the first book. Gorm's group is struggling to survive yet still hoping to set things right with the orcs when the undead army starts to destroy city after city and alters their plans. Gorm must sort out how to get his dysfunctional group of adventurers ready for the challenges ahead as each party member is dealing with personal issues capable of unraveling the group at any moment.

Son of a Liche offers up more of the same amusing approach to fantasy story telling that Orconomics did, so if you enjoyed the first book then you will likely enjoy this one as well. The character development really accelerates and as each party member becomes more flushed out the team of heroes becomes one that you root for even more. Of course I do miss some of the characters that died in the first book, but their legacy lives on within Gorm and they become the driving force behind his actions and decisions. This book is almost double the size of the first one, and I must admit it drags on a little bit at times, but it also advances the overall story arc in a meaningful and interesting way. This is a complete work that wraps up its own story but it also leaves enough threads dangling to keep interest alive for the planned third book in the series. There is definitely a decent story arc here despite the way that modern concepts of finance and marketing are humorously woven into the fantasy society. It all makes for a fun change of pace.

For the audiobook Doug Tisdale Jr. continues to do a great job voicing all of the characters and his performance just adds to the charm of this unique series.