The Acacia Trilogy - solid but not spectacular fantasy.

  • Posted on: 6 September 2019
  • By: Lore

The War with the Mein Book CoverKing Leodan Akaran rules a kingdom that has experienced generations of peace, so he is able to spend his time focused on his children, raising them in an idyllic manner. Of course, all is not as perfect as it seems. While the king and his people reap the benefits of their prosperity, there are many others who have been oppressed and disposed of to make it all possible.  This leads the Mein, a long ago exiled people, to send an assassin that kills Leodan and causes his children to scatter. This assassination kicks off the events of this trilogy as Leodan's children set out not only to avenge their father, but also to correct the wrongs of their now former way of life.

The Acacia trilogy has everything I would expect in an Epic fantasy series: varied races, multiple kinds of magic, mysterious legends, warring empires, long time grudges, large scale battles, and plenty of intrigue. It is also not a classic tale of good vs evil which means that all of the main characters have some pretty serious character flaws. This is often a good thing in a fantasy series as it prevents the characters from being one dimensional, but in this case it just makes it hard to align with any of them. Sadly, that meant that I never really knew who's side I was on in the big war. I never really wanted any of the characters in a position of power to be successful because I didn't really like any of them, and to make matters worse, I also didn't really hate any of them either. This made me indifferent about the outcome out the war, which was a problem.

David Anthony Durham has added all the right ingredients to the Acacia trilogy, but somehow the resulting meal just wasn't as memorable as I expected it to be. If you are a veteran fantasy reader and looking for a new series then you can safely spend your time here as this really is a solid series with some good concepts, but if you haven't read much in the fantasy genre then I would suggest that you start elsewhere as there are many better series out there.

For audiobook fans, Dick Hill does a good job as the narrator as he is pretty consistent in his reading across the 3 books.