Trackers - getting real about the apocalypse.

  • Posted on: 14 December 2018
  • By: Lore

Trackers Book CoverThis is my third post-apocalyptic series from Nicholas Sansbury Smith and unlike Hell Divers or the Extinction Cycle this one offers up a much more realistic, and therefore possible, scenario as a backdrop. Similar to One Second After this book shows us the impact of an EMP attack on a small community, which happens to be one of the author's favorite places to visit, Estes Park, Colorado. Trackers also broadens the canvas beyond the small community by detailing the impact the attack has on the US government back in DC by following one of the Senators with some ties back to the Estes Park area.  To set it apart from the competition Smith also adds in a murder mystery and a good dose of American Indian folklore which gives it a unique flavor within a crowded genre.

Raven Spears is a former black ops soldier who is trying to get by as a tracker in Colorado but he is experiencing some hard times after having left the military to distance himself from some horrific events that he was witness to; however, life is not going to let him run away from his past so easily. As he struggles to get his life in order he is recruited by local Police Chief Colton to help find a missing girl in Rocky Mountain National Park. While those two are out on their search in the woods, the unimaginable happens and they return to a world that has been forever changed. The United States has been the victim of devestating EMP attack. While the new reality of life after such an attack is a major setback for most, it is a golden opportunity for the some, including the person ultimately responsible for the missing girl. 

The book is short and by the time it is over the apocalypse has barely started. Luckily it is a quick read that moves along at a brisk pace and it was interesting enough to whet my appetite for the next book in the series. For audiobook fans, Bronson Pinchot does the narration and he does a decent enough job, although at times I felt that he did over emote some of the dialogue.