Extinction Horizon - an engineered virus threatens humanity

  • Posted on: 24 August 2018
  • By: Lore

Extinction Horizon Book CoverEbola is one of the scariest threats to humanity that nature has to offer and we live in fear of nature morphing the disease into something that can't be contained. Of course this means that a military project to weaponize the disease can't possibly have a good outcome so when a facility working on such a project goes dark, Delta Force Team Ghost is called upon to investigate what happened. Master Sergeant Reed Beckham has led his team into danger many times but this time he is not prepared for what they find. With the military leadership telling only half truths to keep their involvement in the project a secret, team Ghost finds itself involved in a series of events that could very will mean extinction for the human race.

Extinction Horizon offers up a healthy dose of standard end of the world story telling as it builds up the main characters that try to prevent the inevitable from occurring. A nasty combination of biological and human manipulated viral engineering becomes that spark that ends civilization as we know it and both the military and scientific communities take action to do what little they can. Both are hampered by the secrecy behind the origin of the threat and it is a race against time to both solve the mystery and formulate a response. Of course the engineered virus turns people into zombie-like monsters that feed on flesh, but events quickly reveal that there is more to the infected threat than just a horde of mindless zombies.

When this book ended I felt that it never found any way for it to be unique in a crowded genre; however, it did lay a solid foundation and by the end it is obvious that the real threat is not what it appears to be. This offers up enough promise to continue with the series and see where it goes.

For the audiobook version, Bronson Pinchot does a solid job on the narration which makes listening a viable option.