Extinction Edge - the real threat emerges in book 2

  • Posted on: 31 August 2018
  • By: Lore

Extinction Edge Book CoverBy the end of book one it was revealed that Dr. Kate Lovato's bio weapon, which she designed to destroy the zombie hordes, was quite effective, but also not effective enough. Doing the math we know that 80% of the human race had turned into flesh craving zombies before her weapon was deployed, and that her weapon killed billions of them, but it also left behind a resistant strain of Variants. The real question is, how many Variants are there and what are they capable of? Do they number in the thousands or the millions? Can this new threat of intelligent, agile Variants be contained or is it actually a bigger problem than the billions of mindless zombies that were wiped out?

As a scientist, Kate Lovato does the math and fears that millions of Variants exist and that they are a much bigger threat than they appear to be. On the other hand, the military has scouts and satellites that all report back that the number of Variants is not that large and it is a problem that can be contained and eradicated. These two opposing views war with each other as Operation Liberty is kicked off to take back our major cities from the Variants. Of course, Master Sergeant Reed Beckham is going to lead team Ghost as a part of Operation Liberty so Kate is desperate to make sure the real threat is known before it is too late. 

The character building continues as the stakes are raised and book two finally finds a unique story to tell. With the Variants becoming the major threat this series morphs from a standard zombie apocalypse tale to a battle for survival against possibly superior genetic mutations. Book one,  Extinction Horizon, showed us that the extinction of the human race was visible on the horizon as a real possibility but the apyly named book two focuses on our fight to avoid running rover that edge, which is no longer off in the distance.

Bronson Pinchot continues his solid narration on the audiobook series and offers up easily recognizable voices for all the main characters. At first I thought he was just ok but he is growing on me and now feels like the right narrator for the series.