Mountain Man - the start of a zombie apocalypse series

  • Posted on: 19 March 2021
  • By: Lore

Mountain Man Book CoverAugustus "Gus" Berry lives alone in the mountains, that is unless you count Uncle Jack (Daniels) and Captain Morgan who he spends a lot of time with every day. He was a painter, not a soldier, before the world changed but now he wields his Boomstick and baseball bat with the skills of a pro. Gus takes no chances because he knows that it only takes one mistake for the zombies to get the better of you, but winter is coming and needs to venture down into the city to scavenge supplies. He works over the houses because the obvious locations like stores and malls were picked clean long ago, but going through houses can be a bit of a crap shoot. Most don't have much but every now and then you hit a good one. Gus suits up and makes sure that he is prepared for whatever the zombies may throw at him but he isn't quite ready for what other humans might have in store.

YAZAB. (Yet another zombie apocalypse book.) So what does Keith C. Blackmore bring to the table that make his series compelling in such a crowded genre? Nothing too extreme really except for the appeal of a lead character that is just an ordinary man. Gus is an alcoholic, he scratches his balls regularly, and he doesn't even understand how the solar panels work in the house he lives in. He has a lot of flaws but he still manages to remain a kind hearted person trying to survive in a world gone to shit. He has killed a lot of zombies but he knows he doesn't have what it takes to kill another human, so you worry that he isn't ready for what the world has in store for him. That was enough to keep me interested until the end along with some of the story threads yet to be explained. This book sets the stage for the next one so I wouldn't recommend it as a standalone option, but I enjoyed it enough to jump into book two and see where this goes. If you are hankering for a zombie tale you can certainly do worse.

R. C. Bray narrates the audiobook version and there is no voice better at telling an apocalyptic tale. To be honest it was the combo of R. C. and an apocalyptic story that compelled me to give this a try and his performance does not disappoint.