The Locksmith - The Reforging Book 1, a YA Fantasy

  • Posted on: 12 March 2021
  • By: Sevhina

Everyone agrees that Lucinda should have been born a witch, with her personality and obsession with the Fire Guild. Or was she born a witch? Unaware that she's putting herself on the frontline of the coming war with the neighboring Empire she petitions the Fire Warlock for assistance in finding a husband. Living in his fortress with access to his library and studying with the handsome flame mage Sven is a dream come true except Lucinda keeps having nightmares. The King is convinced that the Fire Warlock, Quicksilver, is a power hungry wizard holding back the nobility out of spite and Lucinda has learned that the situation is hopelessly complicated. The Office of the Western Gate, that grants the Fire Warlock the ability to draw on the power of the volcano Storm King, is a magical construct known as a Lock. The Fire Warlock is charged with protecting the border and if the Warlock fails to act the Lock will simply incinerate him and pass the mandate to his successor. Above all, the Lock will maintain the sovereignty of Frankland, even if the inability to surrender in a war means their utter destruction. If only there was another warlock with the gift to craft Locks who could fix things because the seers agree that Quicksilver won't be the Warlock much longer.

The Locksmith has a great magic system in a world based on historical Europe. There are four magical guilds, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth that each have their own personality. The head of each guild is empowered by one of the four Offices and each has its responsibilities to Frankland with each guild having the talents obviously associated with their element as well as a few other rare abilities.  The Fire Warlock Quicksilver has held the Office for a record 140 years. The Officeholders don't age. Most Fire Warlocks incinerate not only themselves but everything around them within a few years by losing control of the Storm King. During a war this can happen several times and its known as the Scorching Times. At present there are a few level five fire wizards, known as warlocks, but only one would make a decent Fire Warlock and according to the seers he will be by the end of the current war. When Lucinda demonstrates a hidden talent for Locks it opens up the possibility of reforging the four Offices to fit modern needs. Assuming that the Office of the Western Gate doesn't decide that she's a threat and force Quicksilver to destroy her first.

This first book has less politics than some of the others as it focuses more on Lucinda and her abilities. Despite her name and background she is not Cinderella. There are a couple of other nods to fairy tales but its more about conjuring fire and lightning than husband hunting. Lucinda is already twenty and a practical young woman so there is a welcome lack of angst even if there is a bit of sighing over the handsome Sven. The Locksmith is in the same category as Megan Whaler Turner's The Thief as a good straightforward fantasy for all ages. Its available in paperback and ebook at this point.