For We Are Many - things get complicated in the Bobiverse

  • Posted on: 2 April 2021
  • By: Lore

For We Are Many Book CoverBook one of this series, We Are Legion, was a unique take on the future of the human race. A future that became dependent on self replicating probes implanted with the personality of a cryogenically frozen, sarcastic, sci-fi geek named Bob. With Earth dying and becoming non-viable, Bob and all his replicants are busy doing what they can to find viable homes for the humans left on Earth; however, finding enough habitable planets and getting everyone off Earth in time is no easy task.  To that end the Bobs make great strides in technology that allow them to better fulfill their role as humanity's caretakers but the challenges they face are also increasing at an alarming rate. Those challenges include first contact with alien races, both more and less advanced than Bob, domestic terrorists that threaten the survivors on Earth, and Bob's personal struggle with the fact that he is no longer human.

As the Bobs continue to replicate themselves and expand across the galaxy they have opportunities to form bonds with individuals from various races and this leads to Bob's struggle with his state of being. Many Bobs turn to calling the living races "ephemerals" because their life spans are so short and various Bobs experience the sorrow of loss as those they have formed bonds with face death at the end of their short life spans. This emotional struggle takes place amidst a number of other challenges that on the whole were not that engaging until the latter third of the book when things finally picked up pace. Although it is missing the charm of the first book, this book leans on multiple typical sci-fi story lines to decent effect and then finally establishes a solid reason to move on the next book. This ultimately makes this a bridge book that doesn't offer up a real ending but it does set the stage nicely for the next step in the series. So if you are interested in more sci-fi pop culture references from the increasing number of Bob personality variants then go ahead and pick this up but if you didn't like the first book much there isn't anything here to really change your opinion of the series.

The audiobook is narrated by Ray Porter and much like the first book of the series he does an excellent job once again.