The Stone Sky - the finale to the Broken Earth trilogy

  • Posted on: 20 February 2021
  • By: Lore

The Stone Sky Book CoverThe Stone Eaters aren't exactly human but the fate of humanity is in their hands. Now that Alabaster has set into motion a plan to return the Earth to its former state, where Fifth Seasons don't happen at all, it has forced the Stone Eaters to take sides. One side is supporting Essun and her quest to finish what Alabaster started, which means returning the Moon to its former orbit around the planet. The other faction is seeking to prevent Essun from doing so and hoping to instead crash the Moon into the Earth so they can finally achieve peace by ending their dreary immortal lives.  Of course they will need the help of an Oregene even more powerful than Essun to pull this off and they just happen to have one. Things are going to get awfully messy when Essun finds out that the Orogene supporting those Stone Eaters, and standing in the way of her attempt to save the planet, is her own daughter.

This final book is told from 3 main points of view - that of Essun as she seeks to save the Earth, her daughter Nassun as she seeks to end the suffering of her friend Schaffa, and also from a series of flashbacks to the time of the Shattering itself. This third thread gives a glimpse of what life was like before the planet went to hell and offers up some context for why it all happened. That actually sounds like a great idea and I was looking forward to it, but it really didn't work for me and I found those flashbacks to be boring. I was not at all engaged with the new characters from that time period and ultimately it didn't add that much to the story arc I was eager to experience more of. The build up to the final confrontation between Essun and Nassun was well done and the series wrapped itself up nicely, but the flashbacks made this the weakest of the three books to spoil what could have been a great final installment.

This is still a solid series overall with a unique Fantasy world worth experiencing and I still recommend it, I just hope you find the events of the Shattering offered up in the book more interesting than I did. As far as listening goes, Robin Miles does an excellent job with the series and she makes the audiobook version a decent way to experience it.