Murder by Other Means - more police drama in the world of The Dispatcher

  • Posted on: 13 November 2020
  • By: Lore

Tony Valdez is a Dispatcher, but times are tough in Chicago and he is struggling to make ends meet. His job is bound by strict rules, after all murdering people in order to save their lives is a complicated business, but when the bills start to stack up some of those "grey area" gigs become more attractive. As we experienced in the first novella, The Dispatcher, for an unknown reason it has become almost impossible to murder anyone as 99.9% of the time when someone is murdered their body disappears and they find themselves back at home alive and well with full knowledge of their death. Society has had 12 years to come to grips with this new reality and people are starting to get creative in how they take advantage of this phenomenon. This makes life complicated for Tony and his potential side gigs because he really could use the money.

Once again John Scalzi delivers an engaging detective story and this time around he pokes at the edges of the rules for his "no murder" world. We know that murders get undone, but suicides are permanent, so what happens if someone is coerced into killing themselves? Does that count as a murder or a suicide? What other creative ways will humans come up with to take advantage of this phenomenon for personal gain or even for pleasure? These questions are all explored when Tony finally takes on a side job that seems rather straight forward but gets complicated real quick. Before he knows it the Chicago PD is involved and he becomes a suspect in a much bigger conspiracy. It is over before you know it but it is an engaging story the whole way through.

Right now it looks like this is only available on Audible and once again Zachary Quinto does the narration, which he does quite well. I certainly recommend it for when you are looking for a quick listen.