Age of Empyre - the series finale.

  • Posted on: 11 September 2020
  • By: Lore

Age of Empyre Book CoverAfter the last book ended with the second cliffhanger in a row the time has finally come for resolution. The war has been in the background while Tressa and company have been on their mission to rescue Suri, but the time has come to bring the mission, and the war, to a conclusion. Speaking of Suri, will she be able to escape her Elven captors? Even if she does escape, did she already doom everyone in her efforts to bring about peace? Will Brin get her hands on the Horn of Gylindora and bring it back to Nyphron in time for him to challenge for the throne? Does Malcolm's plan finally come together or does it all fall apart due to the unpredictable nature of people? This book has all the answers to these questions and more as Michael J. Sullivan wraps the series up with a tidy bow and leaves very little unresolved. So if you have enjoyed the series enough to reach this finale then know that you won't be left hanging for an outcome any longer.

As is common in Fantasy series the many different storylines all converge into a final set of events that determine the winners and losers as well as the future of the world. Of course we know what that future world looks like due to the other two Riyria series, but that doesn't take away from the suspense as this one builds up to a conclusion. That is because it is unclear how things are going to turn out for the individual characters up until the very end which is ultimately what makes this one of the best books in the series. I definitely enjoyed the second "trilogy" of the six book series more than first and that is because I found the quest through the underworld to be quite interesting. That aspect of the world building made this series a worthy edition the overall mythos of Elan and I feel that it needed the boost since this series lacked characters as engaging as Royce and Hadrian from the other two Riyria series.

I waited until all books were available before starting this series and in hindisght I am glad I did. Since the series is now complete if you are a Riyria fan then there really is no reason not to pick these books up and If you are a listener of the audio versions then you will be happy to know that Tim Gerard Reynolds is back as narrator and his performances are as good as ever.