Parasitic - the outbreak worsens in Madness Chronicles 2

  • Posted on: 29 May 2020
  • By: Lore

Parasitic Book CoverThe second book picks up right where the first one left off with things seemingly settled down aboard the cruise ship Intrepid but with a flock of infected birds headed their way. The ship has come to grips with the fact that animals all around the world have become violent and after finally containing their own pet related issues they are starting to think that being at sea is going to be a real advantage. Then the birds attack and they come to the realization that the rage disease not only turns animals violent but it can also infect humans. These humans come to be known as Parasitics and they are just as bloodthirsty as their animal counterparts. Now being aboard that cruise ship isn't quite the advantage they thought it might be.

As with book one it is the outbreak story line that keeps this one engaging as the passengers and crew of the Intrepid fight to survive and keep things under control. It is one crisis after another as they lose control of certain key areas of the ship while the number of infected steadily grow. With fuel becoming an issue, as well as inability to actually steer the ship, the main characters are forced to get creative if they want to stay alive. They also come to realize a few key facts about the Parasitics that offer up some alternatives for dealing with them beyond just trying to kill them and this is when things start to get quite interesting.

Once again I found that the main story kept me engaged while the individual characters themselves meant little to me. There are just enough unique elements to the main story to make this series worth your time and since the books aren't that large things keep moving along at a brisk pace. I look forward to the final book in the series, Symptomatic. For the audiobook version of Parasitic Gary Tiedemann does another decent job with the wide variety of voices that are needed and that makes it a decent option for listening.