Fear the Future - the conclusion of the Fear Saga

  • Posted on: 8 May 2020
  • By: Lore

Fear the Future Book CoverAn alien fleet was on the way to take our planet since early in the first book and most of the story thus far has been focused on the struggle between the aliens already here and our attempts to prepare for that bigger invasion. Things have change greatly for the nations of Earth since we became aware of the threat and the geo-political landscape is no longer the same. TASC, the independent entity responsible for preparing our defense and affiliated with no country, has no qualms about using advanced technology to manipulate the countries of the world into supporting its agenda. At first I thought it was nice to see this independent agency running things to avoid the usual in fighting between countries, but since TASC is made up of humans of course it happens anyway. With the moment of the alien arrival now finally here, is the reader rewarded with a payoff worth all the time invested in the series so far?

Well you won't find out for a while after you start this book because the majority of it is even more build up to that moment. With no more alien resistance on our planet there is plenty of time for us to fight amongst ourselves while we wait for the aliens to arrive. For better or worse the narrative's point of view eventually starts to shift between Earth and the alien fleet as we experience the upcoming battle from both sides of the conflict. We meet the alien counterparts of the initial 8 agents that landed on Earth and get to see that they are just as diverse in their opinions of the war as the agents themselves were. This means there are two different races of sentient beings doing their best to show why neither deserves to be the victor. Eventually the arrival comes and it is all over before you know it.

I enjoyed the series overall but I was left feeling like the finale could have been so much more than it was, especially when it comes to the alien culture which was much too human-like for me. It was certainly a missed opportunity but not enough to avoid the entire series. R.C. Bray does his usual excellent job on the narration for the audiobook version and he makes it a story worth listening to for sure.