Fear the Survivors - the aliens aren't hiding any longer

  • Posted on: 24 April 2020
  • By: Lore

Fear the Survivors Book CoverNow that the threat of a deadly alien virus being dropped from space has been eliminated the focus turns towards finding the remaining alien agents. Eight alien agents arrived in secret during the first book and they all assumed human identities allowing them to seamlessly blend into the population. But after two of those agents decided to fight on the side of humanity the odds are quite different. The double agents were able to take out two others before their betrayal was discovered but so that leaves four remaining but it won't be so simple to deal with the rest. With a massive alien fleet already en route to the Earth we have only ten years left to prepare and the remaining four alien agents will do everything they can to make sure we aren't ready.

Neal Danielson is now the head of TASC, the newly formed organization responsible for preparing our defense, and under his leadership our technology is making great leaps forward. From new planes to battle suits our military capabilities are ramping up with the help of our alien friends, and from spinal interfaces to artificial minds our scientists are becoming ever more capable as well. But every step of the way the remaining alien agents take various approaches to disrupting our advances. Agent Lana Wilson is hell bent on getting revenge against those responsible for taking out the satellites and she turns into a killing machine that will stop at nothing to sate her appetite, while two of the other agents use their assumed positions in the Chinese and Russian military to disrupt Earth's geo-political landscape, thus preventing all the countries of the Earth from working together on our defense. The unstable geo-political makes life difficult for TASC as it seeks to remain independent of other countries while relying on them for funding.  

Things have built up to a potential big finish in the 3rd book, Fear the Future, but it is the lowest rated of the three books so it remains to be seen if Stephen Moss actually pulls it off successfully. I am about to find out as there is no way I am willing to stop and just leave the story hanging here. R. C. Bray does another great narration on the audiobook version and based on some of the complaints I have seen about typos in the print version then this might be a good series to listen to.