Commune, Book 4 - the battle for Jackson.

  • Posted on: 1 November 2019
  • By: Lore

Commune Book 4 CoverClay's group of survivors is a dysfunctional bunch for sure, yet they keep everyone alive and they continually grow in number. Clay rules through intimidation and he is not afraid to kill his own people to make a point, yet he is reasonable when compared to some other members of his leadership group. The most unstable of that bunch, Ronny, is far worse than Clay and has been pushing for the group to move to Jackson for quite a while now. Ronny claims to have knowledge of farms and a stable food supply in Jackson, but of course his real motivation is his desire to get revenge against Sergeant Gibbs for the ass kicking he received in the gunfight back in book two. When Ronny finally manipulates things to convince Clay to move everyone north, they arrive in Jackson only to find that there is no food in the city. This sets up the final showdown between Clay's well armed group of scavengers and the members of the Jackson Commune, a much smaller group of people with barely enough food for themselves.

The tension builds in this one until a series of events brings it all to a head, and the Jackson Commune faces the prospect of their own extinction. Despite all the effort they have invested in protecting themselves, the Commune is in no way prepared for what comes their way when Clay's group moves into Jackson. Backed into a corner at the real possibility of starvation, Clay feels he has no good options and when Ronny lights the spark that ignites the powder keg this book delivers on the confrontation that has building since book one. Since I have grown to care about the characters in the Commune I eagerly moved through this story because i had to know how it all turned out.

Joshua Gayou wraps up the series nicely, but he also leaves some dangling threads that can be used to expand things further if he so wishes. I would say this is one the better "realistic" apocalyptic series and I definitely recommend it. Of course listening to the audiobook versions is a great option with R. C. Bray narrating the entire series and doing a hell of a job of it.