Commune, Book 3 - will friends become foes?

  • Posted on: 25 October 2019
  • By: Lore

Commune Book 3 CoverCommune Book 2 ended in a brutal gunfight and now it is time to find out the repercussions of that fight. Two new groups of survivors are now in the mix, one of them from that aforementioned gunfight, and both groups plan to do what it takes to ensure the survival of their people. On display are 3 completely unique approaches to re-establishing civilization and it is inevitable that these different philosophies clash with each other. Unfortunately for Jake and company, the Jackson Commune is the smallest of the three groups by a large margin and there is strength in numbers. When things get tight even friends can become foes and supplies are drying up everywhere.

The winter is over but it taught everyone who is still alive that they all need a sustainable source of food for the future as scavenging off the supplies of the old world is not going to cut it for much longer. This reality prompts Commander "Otter" Warren to hit the road with his mixed group of military/civilian survivors and find a permanent home. The last order he received from his chain of command was to protect the survivors and he plans to carry out that order. His intention are to stop in Jackson and absorb the Commune inhabitants into his caravan and then head east, but Jake and company will not abandon their home willingly. This situation threatens to turn friends into foes while the real threat continues to brew off to the south.

This book brings together various threads from the last one but it also ends before they can all come together setting up a tense finale for book 4. This series continues to be captivating and book 3 adds interesting characters to an already strong cast. If you enjoyed the first two then do not hesitate to pick this up. A note from Joshua Gayou indicates that this book begins the apocalyptic story he originally intended to write but he felt that he needed to add the two earlier books so the reader would be more invested in the characters before the events of these last two books. It was a good decision for sure.

For the audiobook, R. C. Bray knocks it out of the park again and even the author has stated that his books are not complete until Bray brings it to life with his performance.