Tomorrow War - the apocalypse with an agenda.

  • Posted on: 21 September 2019
  • By: Lore

Tomorrow War Book CoverTomorrow War is another short book from J. L. Bourne, a military veteran with 22 years of service, but unlike Day by Day Armageddon there are no zombies this time around. In this story the zombies are replaced with something far scarier - other humans and a dysfunctional government. Keeping a similar journal format to the Day by Day series, the main character, Max [Redacted], writes down his experiences as a form of self therapy to help him cope with the things he decides that he must do to survive. Being a trained killer working for the US government before society goes to hell, Max conducts a covert mission that becomes the root cause of the financial collapse that ruins society. This guilt weighs heavily upon him after the fall as he struggles with both the threats of the new world and his own mental health.

I like apocalyptic stories that attempt to keep it real and there is a hefty dose of harsh reality situations in this book. From the first few frantic days after electronic payments are no longer a thing, to the moral dilemma of self preservation becoming priority number one, this book starts off pretty strong. Max had some warning that this was coming and manages to do some quick prepping before society falls so he starts off better than most. His initial encounters with those struggling to survive feel real and intense, but eventually the story seems to lose its way. Things go from bad to worse much too quickly as the US Constitution is tossed aside in mere days anf this transforms Max into the conduit for the author's personal agendas to be expressed over and over. I certainly don't mind some of that commentary being included along the way, but in this book it becomes a major distraction that is used to justify actions from Max that just go too far. I tried to push it aside and concentrate on the story, but it ultimately ruined the book for me so I can safely say that I prefer the Day by Day Armageddon series to this one. Of course YMMV, so if you are looking for a near future apocalyptic tale and you don't want more zombies then pick this up and form your own opinion.

Jay Snyder does the majority of the narration for the audiobook version and his style is a good fit for such a tale.