Warbound - a worthy finale to an excellent trilogy.

  • Posted on: 2 August 2019
  • By: Lore

Warbound Book CoverBack in the 1850s when The Power arrived on Earth and started granting magical abilities to a handful of humans, it seemed like a potential boon for the human race. 80 years later tells us otherwise as the level of strife between those with abilities and those without has become a real issue, but it also pales in comparison to what lies ahead. It turns out that The Power has been fleeing from planet to planet for millennia in a vain attempt to escape a voracious predator, and Earth is just the latest stop. This predator has consumed countless worlds in pursuit of The Power and Earth is next up on the menu. Of course, Heavy Jake Sullivan is not going to go down without a fight, and while he is no match for this world eating entity, he is also not planning to fight alone...

Jake is assembling the best team that he can, but with Faye missing in action he is without the strongest member of the Grimnoir at his side. Instead he finds that his former enemy, Iron Guard Toru Tokugawa, has become his strongest ally . Of course, Toru has vowed to kill Jake, but he is willing to wait until after the Earth is safe before following through on that threat, so that will have to do. The action builds to a satisfying conclusion that wraps the series up quite nicely - hats off to Larry Correia for offering up a good old fashioned trilogy that ends on a high note. There are a few additional short stories in this world but the trilogy is certainly standalone and complete.

For audiobook fans this is an excellent listen as Bronson Pinchot does a great job bringing life and personality to all of the characters. His performance as Jake Sullivan just feels right.