On a Pale Horse - the inspiration for Dead Like Me?

  • Posted on: 14 June 2019
  • By: Lore

On a Pale Horse Book CoverZane is not a successful person and when things finally get too rough for him he decides it is time to take his own life. As he starts to pull the trigger he notices the Grim Reaper coming for him and he instead turns the gun on Death himself and shoots him right between the eyes. Wow, Zane just cheated death, finally a lucky break right? Not exactly. This is when Fate pays Zane a visit and explains that the rules dictate that whoever kills Death takes over the job. This means Zane is in store for some immediate on the job training.

Piers Anthony has an odd sense of humor and he also has quite a knack for taking every day concepts and manifesting them in very unique ways. In his Xanth series Piers turns puns into realities to great effect and in this series he turns concepts into people/offices, such as Death, Time, War, Nature, Fate, etc. This is all done in a unique way that is not intended to be taken seriously and I went into this book with confidence that I would enjoy it because of my experience with the Xanth series. While I did find the larger plot to be intriguing, unfortunately the humor itself fell flat for me. However, since this series is so popular I decided I would also pick up the second book in the hope that it would better resonate with my sense of humor. That didn't happen. For me, this book was the better of the two so I chose not to keep going onward.

Even though I chose not to continue this series is quite popular with many people and you should know that there are 7 books in total. If you think this style of humor might resonate with you then definitely give it a try, but if you are just looking for humor in your fantasy then I would consider the Discworld or Xanth series to be safer bets over this one.

For the audiobook George Guidall is the narrator and he does a decent job with it, but for me, it wasn't enough in the end.