Bird Box - a different kind of apocalyptic tale

  • Posted on: 8 February 2019
  • By: Lore

Bird Box Book CoverDon't open your eyes. Nobody knows what started it, or why it started, and nobody even knows what the threat actually is. That is because anyone who actually sees it does not survive long enough to tell anyone else. The only guaranteed way to survive outside in Josh Malerman's apocalyptic setting is to be sure that you can't see a single thing. Needless to say, that makes things a little difficult for everyone because you can't stay inside forever...

It is the challenge of finding a way to survive in a world where you can't open your eyes when you go outside that makes Bird Box so compelling.  It is easy to start wondering how you would get by in such a world, so much so that the Netflix movie based on this book has caused many people to attempt a "Bird Box Challenge" in real life. After putting on blindfolds many people have been trying to recreate parts of the book/movie in real life, even to the point of putting themselves and others at risk. Netflix has even issued a warning to viewers to not try this at home, but that hasn't stopped lots of videos from being posted online by people doing just that.

Poor judgment of the readers aside, this is an excellent horror story in an apocalyptic setting with a fresh concept that is worth reading. If you prefer listening, know that Cassandra Campbell does an excellent job on the narration of the sudio version, so that is an equally valid option. The book has certainly made me interested in seeing the Netflix movie and if a sequel ever comes out I would be sure to pick that up as well. Give this one a try - and I don't mean in real life.