The Damned - the final installment of the Trackers series

  • Posted on: 18 January 2019
  • By: Lore

The Damned Book CoverThe events of The Storm set this series up for a big finish and this book does not disappoint. The citizens of Estes Park are fighting for their lives and even if they manage to survive things will never go back to the way they were. The same is true for the entire world as Chinese troops are on US soil and Chinese fighter jets are flying overhead. While some welcome the foreign "aid" being offered others view it as a threat and mobilize to push back these unwanted invaders. It all adds up to a country on the brink of collapsing as war is everywhere and the main characters can no longer prevent it from happening. Now the question is, can they survive it?

This new world is not for the meek and even good people will need to do bad things if they hope to survive and protect their families. Estes Park is being assaulted on multiple fronts and Lindsey and Raven are stretched beyond what they can handle. Back east, Secretary of Defense Montgomery finds herself relying on foreign troops after our new President cut a deal with the Chinese that goes far beyond what she agreed to. Are the Chinese our new allies or has her government made a decision that will prove to be the end of the United States? All of this sorts itself out as Nicholas Sansbury Smith delivers the best book of series and ends it all on a high note. Just like the series itself Bronson Pinchot finishes strong as the narrator of the audiobook version.

My only gripe about this series is the short time frame it covers from EMP attack to series end which just isn't long enough. It wouldn't surprise me to see this series extended at some point but for now it wraps itself up nicely and provides some closure for the main characters. Of the three apocalyptic series I have read by Smith I would have to say that I enjoyed Hell Divers the best, even if it is far less realistic than this one.