Tigana - a fine song that ends with a crescendo.

  • Posted on: 30 March 2018
  • By: Lore

Tigana Book CoverGuy Gavriel Kay offers up a solid fantasy tale with plenty of plotting and intrigue from cover to cover. The 9 provinces of the Peninsula of the Palm are shattered by war and find themselves split under the rule of 2 sorcerers from foreign lands. Four provinces have fallen to each sorcerer with only one remaining independent, which makes this province the key to the fragile balance of power. This tenuous situation has gone on for almost twenty years and this story tells the tale of the spark that sets off the powder keg.

The history of how this balance of power came to be is explained slowly throughout the book as Kay peels back the onion for the reader. You will see certain plans pay off and others fall apart as the various players in this dangerous game all vie to advance their agendas. Things build slowly but eventually a complex weave of of interconnections reveals itself that sets the stage for an ending that can go either way. Overall this one has a little less action than most fantasy novels, but it does build to a satisfying crescendo that involves characters you have to care about. Each of those characters has a rich history that is explained throughout the book so you find yourself well prepared for the finale and the actions that are taken (and not taken) by everyone involved.

For audiobook fans, Simon Vance is the narrator and he does a great job with this material.