Plague of Shadows - the middle book of the Aldoran Chronicles

Posted by Lore on Fri, 09/02/2022 - 22:00

The last book, The White Tower, ended with each of the PoV characters in an interesting position, so I was eager to find out what was going to happen next. Ayrion, the King's Guardian Protector, was completely in limbo since the King was now dead and his memory was lost. Unfortunately that means that he would not be able to respond to the treachery that led to the king's downfall, at least for now. Ferrin the blacksmith became the first person to ever escape the dungeons of the White Tower, and that puts him on the run along with those that helped him. And finally, Ty has started coming into his power with revenge on his mind for the death of his mother, instead of the destiny he is supposed to fulfill. It was a good set-up for all of them, but was this all going to lead to something satisfying is it just stringing us along?

While filler is definitely on the menu here, the amount differs for each of the PoV characters. I found Ferrin's story line the most engaging this time around as his companions are also interesting in their own right. Ayrion, on the other hand, spends way too much time not remembering who he is and that contributes to the feeling that all of his progression is filler. Ty lands somewhere in the middle, with Kira also stepping up to be a PoV character this time around. This is a really good thing because her storyline feels the most related to the main plot and I always wanted more of the main story. Unfortunately there wasn't enough main story progression for me, so when it was all over I was unsatisfied. That did not dampen my desire to keep going in the series, but I must admit that I am not sure which way this series is going to go.

Masterful narrator Tim Gerard Reynolds delivers another great performance for the audiobook and listening is an excellent option for this one.