Golden Son - the Reaper heads into space.

  • Posted on: 8 April 2016
  • By: Lore

Golden Son Book CoverAt the end of book one, Red Rising, Darrow's brutal experience at the Institute concluded with him firmly embedded in Gold society. Darrow, a lowly Red hidden with the ranks of Gold, was required to choose a patron to sponsor his future and he chose to become a Lancer for House Augustus. This means he now works for the ArchGoverner - the man who killed his wife. He did this in order to be close to his hated enemy as well as to be able to attend the Academy, where Gold prodigees learn starship fleet command. As a member of House Augustus, Darrow finds that life among the Peerless Scarred is not as straight forward as he hoped. It is often hard to tell the difference between his allies and his enemies which leaves Darrow pretty confused as to the best way to move forward with his hidden agenda.

The story leaves Mars and heads into space as Darrow learns how to command starships at the Academy. He also continues to sort out how Gold society actually works and at times he finds that he was better off as a red. Speaking of reds, he also learns more about his past as the composition of the Sons of Ares is revealed in more detail. At times this can muddy the waters more than it helps but Darrow needs to know exactly who he is fighting for. He started this for Eo but now he works for Ares and he is not quite sure that both of their visions of the future are the same.

The relationships and enemies that Darrow created at the Institute carry forward into the Academy and beyond making things far from smooth for him. In addition to the main cast of characters from book one, two interesting new characters join the main cast - Lorn au Arcos, a former rage Knight, and Ragnar Volarus, a stained obsidian. The blood feud with Cassius is still front and center but alliances around them both are quite fluid as the houses of Augustus and Bellona ready for war. There are many twists and turns throughout the book and then the final chapters come along and throw you face down into the mud! Not only are there shocking events that happen but you also start to question who is right and who is wrong as more is revealed. This one ends in a cliffhanger so be ready to jump to Morning Star as soon as possible for the conclusion of the series.

For the audiobook Tim Gerard Reynolds delivers another excellent narration. He breathes extra life into the story and really shines as the voice of Darrow.