The Four-Part Key - Ty comes to the forefront of the Aldoran Chronicles

Posted by Lore on Sat, 09/17/2022 - 02:35

The last book was full of a lot of set up for this one and now it is time to see if there is going to be a payoff.  The title implies that Ty is going to be front and center since he is the one tasked to go on a typical fantasy RPG collection quest and assemble the four-part key in or to bring a mythical wizard's keep back into existence. Of course he has no idea how to do this, but he knows that he must accomplish it before the White Tower becomes unstoppable. Ty must travel from one land to another through a series of magical portals to find these key pieces, so the constant changes of scenery keep his adventure feeling fresh and unique every step of the way. Unfortunately the same is not true for the other PoV characters. Ferrin remains on the run after his escape from the White Tower and Ayrion still does not have his memories back, so in a way all three of them are dawdling around on side quests while the main storyline goes unpursued. Will that change before this one ends or is this even more set-up for the next book?

Sadly it is mostly the latter. Eventually all these side quests do converge and advance the plot but the storyline regarding the murder of the king, which is what I was most excited about after book one, remains on the back burner. This book is much larger than the first two, yet the story never returns to Aramoor to move that plotline forward, so it left me unsatisfied when it was all over. Somehow I remain eager for the next book but I already know it is not the last one in the series. Perhaps I am the one on a side quest and that makes me worry I may never get back to the main campaign before I lose interest.

Tim Gerard Reynolds is likely one of the reasons I remain interested because his storytelling ability makes everything better and his narration of the audiobook keeps it entertaining.