Hell Divers 9: Radioactive - is humanity finally out of time?

Posted by Lore on Fri, 07/15/2022 - 16:11

The newest installment in the Hell Divers series has the action spread across multiple locations: the Vanguard Islands, Panama, and Australia. Since King Xavier decided in the last book that the Vanguard Islands were dying, he has been dispersing his people to try to find a solution. He is hoping they will either find resources to help in the short term or a potential new home for the long term. The legend of the Coral Castle is mocked by many, but X thinks it is real and he plans to find the mythical sanctuary. In his mind, the only way to save humanity is the find a new home before the scarcity of life in the Vanguard Islands triggers a war, and the Coral Castle is the best lead he has for finding such a place. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with him, and the various human factions are set to start that war as soon as he leaves to search for his fantasy home.

King Xavier may still be in charge, but he can't be in 3 places at once and wherever he is not, things escalate quickly. Michael struggles to keep control in the Vanguard Islands while X is gone, and the food shortage just makes things worse. Yes, X has some food stores hidden for a rainy day, but that is still a secret and it becomes a flashpoint for conflict that Michael must contend with. Down in Panama, Roger does his best to get the new outpost established as a support base for the expedition to Australia, but new dangers lurk everywhere and there is a reason the Cazadores failed to establish their own base there. Both of these challenges keep things interesting, but it is X's expedition to Australia that ultimately takes center stage and sets up the next book in shocking fashion. To my surprise, by the time this one was over, I was fired up and ready for more!

R. C. Bray does his usual excellent job and there is nothing more to say on his topic. He is the perfect narrator for this series and I definitely recommend listening over reading. R. C. Bray is X.