Sandstorm - more Street Rats of Aramoor

Posted by Lore on Fri, 04/29/2022 - 23:15

The Street Rats of Aramoor series has been slowly moving from one tribe of street kids to the next and this time around the focus is on Sandstorm.  Ayrion's life is a busy one now that he is one of the chiefs of Hurricane, but things are about to get a lot more complicated for him. First it is Noph, the chief of Sandstorm, who sets up a meeting with Ayrion and the other leaders of Hurricane to discuss some potential big changes for them all, and then it is the King himself who insists that Ayrion join the Elondrian Lancers to receive further training. There aren't enough days in the week for Ayrion to do all that is being asked of him, and with plenty of enemies waiting to pounce on those he holds dear if he gets distracted, you just know something is going to go wrong...

This is the fourth book of the series, which means if you are still reading then you are probably emotionally invested in a lot of the characters. So when Noph presents an interesting opportunity to Ayrion, Reevie, and Sapphire, you want them to find a way to make it work, yet you know that the other tribes are not going to let it happen. Of course, Ayrion as a trained assassin should be able to keep everyone safe, but having to spend 4 days a week in Lancer training means that the whole plan they put together is nothing but a house of cards ready to fall in upon itself. To my surprise I found that I enjoyed Ayrion's time with the Lancers a bit more than his time with the street rats, so I think that's a sign that I am ready for this series to come to an end. The next book will be out soon, Wildfire, and the blurb for it states that Ayrion is a late teen, so it is entirely possible that it is the last one before the events of the Aldoran Chronicles. I hope so because I really enjoy this world and I am ready for the stakes to get much bigger.

Tim Gerard Reynolds narrates the audiobook and his performance is a big part of what makes spending time in Aramoor so much fun.