Hurricane - Ayrion becomes a street rat

  • Posted on: 2 July 2021
  • By: Lore

Hurricane Book CoverAfter quite the series of adventures in the first book Ayrion finally arrives in Aramoor and it isn't long before he questions the wisdom of coming. He arrives quite confident about his prospects here, even though he has never been in such a large city with so many people, and he is looking forward to seeing all the wonders it has to offer. The advantages of his training as an Opakan warrior have allowed him to survive some pretty tight spots already but even his skills are no match for an overwhelming number of enemies. Not long after arriving in the city he receives a lesson in the strength of numbers after which he finds himself left for dead and robbed of all his possessions. Not only did he lose all of his money and clothes to a gang of street kids but he also lost his father's warrior ring which is something that can never be replaced.  Welcome to Aramoor!

The only silver lining to come out of his beating is his new found friendship with Reevie who took pity on him after the robbery and nursed him back to health. Reevie is not the strongest of kids and he has a gimp leg, but his knowledge of healing herbs has allowed him to find a place in one of the tribes of streets rats. Hurricane operates out of the poorest part of the city which makes them the lowest of the five tribes (gangs) and that is the only reason they would accept a gimp like Reaves. Ayrion come to learn that he was robbed by another one of the tribes, Wildfire, which is a much stronger tribe from a better part of town. The five tribes are run by The Guild which handles disputes between them and also sets the rules by which they operate. It's a lot for Ayrion to learn but the one silver lining here is that most of the kids have no idea what an Opakan is so he is not treated as a pariah. Now he must find a way to succeed in this new world even though he is starting with nothing in his possession and only a single friend that he just met. But that might just be enough.

Although it built up to a big ending I must admit that this book was a little slow at times and wasn't quite as good as the first one. The societal structure of the street rat tribes felt a bit too artificial and the YA nature of the book was definitely more noticeable but I still enjoyed it enough to continue on with the series. It does end in a manner that is rife with possibilities for the next installment.

Tim Gerard Reynolds does his usual amazing job as the narrator of the audiobook version and frankly I just can't imagine this series narrated by anyone else.