Juggernaut - things get ugly in the galactic war

  • Posted on: 28 May 2021
  • By: Lore

Juggernaut Book CoverNow that the various races are picking sides in the galactic war nothing could be more appropriate than for humanity to start fighting with each other. Dark Tech can no longer be relied upon by the human fleet so that makes Captain Keyes and the Providence a force to be reckoned with. The Providence is bigger and more well armored than any of the newer ships in the human fleet, perhaps even the entire galaxy, and as a Supercarrier class it can carry multiple wings of fighters making it a battle group unto itself. With the support of the alien personnel that he has allowed on board Keyes is plans do what is "right" even if it means fighting against his own race. What makes it all the more complicated is that all of these events were predicted in the Ixan Prophecies and Keyes is starting to believe that those prophecies are more than just religious mumbo jumbo. While he hopes to use what the prophecies predict as a form of military intelligence to help him win this war, he is also concerned that the prophecies could be manipulating him and others into taking actions that will ultimately make them come true. Not good when those prophecies end with the downfall of humanity.

Things go from bad to worse for Keyes and the other rebels as they try to do the right thing, and because this is the middle book of a trilogy, none of the big picture items get resolved before it ends. In fact, more layers are piled on that make it unclear who the real enemy is so you just have to go along for the ride until things sort themselves out. The human characters do get fleshed out a bit more but it is still the alien characters that makes this story interesting. Each race is being manipulated from within and without and Keyes intends to get at the truth of who is behind the entire set of events. The story arc has certainly become something far more substantial than the sum of the tropes it was initially built upon. Things are set up nicely for the final book so hopefully it delivers.

For the audiobook version Mark Boyett does another great job as the narrator and he excels at giving each of the aliens races their own personality.