Supercarrier - book one of the Ixan Prophecies

  • Posted on: 7 May 2021
  • By: Lore

Supercarrier Book CoverAn aging starship that is the last of it's kind within a fleet of modern warships has become a sci-fi trope at this point. In the case of Supercarrier, that ship is the Providence and it is not the only trope embraced right off the bat. Captain Keyes is a veteran of the first galactic war, and loved by the public, but he is hated by the rest of the military brass and that is why he captains the Providence. He has also just been assigned a first lieutenant to serve under him as a form of punishment to go along with a demotion for not following orders. That's three tropes so far but we better stop counting or we won't get to the actual story. Humanity has ruled the galaxy since winning the first galactic war by deploying Dark Tech (lol, what could possibly go wrong there) and the other races have started to resent us for it. Dark Tech allows our modern ships to do amazing things like create their own wormholes for travel and curve ordinance after they fire it, so it is a carefully guarded secret and shared with no one. We humans view ourselves as peacekeepers and believe that we use Dark Tech for the good of everyone, but the other races don't see it that way and they have had about enough of us. This is a powder keg of a situation just waiting for a spark...

Of course the Providence is from the pre Dark Tech era of ship building and it has no reliance on the new technology, which is exactly how Captain Keyes wants it. He extends that limitation to everything else on board the ship as well and his marines must also use weapons free of the technology because he just doesn't trust it. Dark Tech is provided by a company called Dark Stream (lol again) but it originally came from an alien race known as the Ixans, whom we defeated in the first galactic war. The Dark Stream corporation is now so powerful that it essentially controls the human government, which means that the military indirectly does its bidding and that just doesn't sit well with Keyes. He keeps his head down and makes sure his old ship is operational and combat ready. Then when Dark Tech finally causes the spark that sets off the next galactic war he is in the unique position of being the only ship in the human fleet that is not reliant on the technology.

All the tropes could easily make this a rather bland story, and the thin stereotypical human characters don't help, but ultimately this book is saved by the alien characters that Keyes collects aboard the Providence to help in the war. The aliens turn out to be far more interesting than the humans and they keep things fresh enough to make me want to continue on with the rest of the series. It will be interesting to see how things turn out in this new war as there are plenty of compelling story lines to care about even if the human characters are kinda meh.

The audiobook version is narrated by Mark Boyett and he does an excellent job, especially with the aliens.