Hellifax - it's time for revenge

  • Posted on: 30 April 2021
  • By: Lore

Hellifax Book CoverHellifax is the third book in the Mountain Man series but the events within it occur simultaneously with those of book 2, Safari, so in a way is more like book 2b than book 3. This time around we follow Scott and his desire for revenge against Tenner which takes him to the city of Halifax. Back in the first book, Mountain Man, Scott and his two companions ran into Tenner and that encounter ended with Scott being shot in the back and left for dead. Barely able to survive his wound, Scott awoke to a gruesome scene of torture and the bodies of his two friends who were skinned alive by Tenner. Scott then vowed to avenge his friends and this book finally provides the details of that attempt. Scott is a big man, but he is no killer, so despite his desire to make Tenner pay for his crimes there is no guarantee that Scott has what it takes to make that happen. Luckily for him he runs into Amy.

Amy is a skilled martial artist and part of a savvy group of survivors when she notices Scott trying to blend in and walk amongst the zombies. She instantly gets involved to help because it is Scott's first try at such a maneuver and it isn't going very well. Once she is able to avert disaster for Scott she gets to know him and decides to bring him back to her group. Scott is reluctant to get distracted from his goal of finding and killing Tenner, but he decides to go with Amy anyway. Once he meets up with Amy's crew then things start to get rolling because they already know where Tenner is. In addition to offering up events from Scott's point of view the book also shows us what Tenner has been up to and introduces a new group of killers that comes to Halifax from the west. Eventually all three parties meet up in a final confrontation that not everyone will survive.

I really felt that this series found a way to be unique in book two, but most of that was related to Gus and he was nowhere to be found in this one. Without Gus this really felt like more of a run of the mill zombie book, although it was good to know what happened to Scott and see how his quest for revenge turned out. Luckily Gus returns in book 4 so that gives me hope for the rest of the series.

R.C. Bray does another excellent job as the narrator of the audiobook version. The first 3 books of this series are available in a single omnibus edition on Audible that is a no brainer to grab even if the third book is a little weaker than the other two.