Safari - more zombie killing with your favorite alcoholic

  • Posted on: 16 April 2021
  • By: Lore

Safari Book CoverBook two of the Mountain Man series picks up right after book one as Gus recovers from the attack on his home that almost killed him. His poor state of health forces him to venture into the city to find pain killers to aid in his recovery so he makes sure to also grab supplies (mostly booze.) WHen he begins to feel better he decides to take advantage of the winter conditions and fight back against the zombie horde down in the city while the cold and snow hampers their movement. This leads to the advancement of one of the more intriguing threads from the first book - why do the zombie corpses completely disappear within a few days after they are killed for good? When Gus finally uncovers the root cause behind the disappearances, he finds himself facing a new threat even more menacing than the zombies themselves. 

This new threat, combined with Gus' many conversations with an empty bottle of Captain Morgan rum, gives this series the unique personality that it needed to stand out in the crowded zombie genre. Gus has now transitioned from a mild mannered painter to a ruthless survivor capable of killing any who threaten him and his way of dealing with what he has become is to view the world, and himself, through an alcoholic haze. His verbal interactions with the bottle of Captain Morgan often induce a chuckle and when the Captain is surprisingly insightful Gus always gives credit where credit is due. Even so does Gus have what it takes to overcome this new threat without sacrificing his last ounce of humanity in the process? Pick this one up to find out. Note that this book focuses solely on Gus and contains no mention of Scott and his quest for revenge against Tenner - that is left for book 3.

Once again R. C. Bray delivers apocalyptic perfection with his narration and his performances during the conversations with Captain Morgan make listening such a good option for this series.