Cast in Wisdom - the latest in the Chronicles of Elantra

  • Posted on: 14 February 2020
  • By: Sevhina

For long time fans of this series Cast in Wisdom is a satisfying return to what made the early books great. Kaylin and her friends are back to investigating the problem of Ravellon, the ancient city overrun by the corrupt Shadows that simultaneously exists on all worlds. When a shadow escapes into the Fief of Candallar without triggering its protective Tower and the dragon Bellusdeo suggests they start their investigation by looking closely into the border zone between the towers. To Kaylin and the others what they find is a strange puzzle, but to the Arkon it is of great personal significance. So much so that he will risk everything, including his sanity, to solve it and if the eldest and most powerful of the Dragon Lords should lose his sanity....

The one rule of the Library is touch something without permission and die, although Lannagaros, the Arkon of the Dragon Empire, is generally somewhat tolerant of Kaylin's curiosity. To Kaylin the Arkon is the curmudgeonly keeper of the Imperial Library but​​ Bellusdeo has fond memories of the irritable and eccentric Lannagaros that she and her sisters teased as hatchlings. But what does it actually mean to be the Arkon and who was Lannagaros as a young dragon? Kaylin discovers that among the dragons he is best known as the greatest warrior of the draco-barrani wars, but before duty called him to war he was happy to be a student studying magic theory and his only ambition was to teach at the Academy some day.

They say you can never go back...but what if you could? What remains of the Academy is stuck in a loop repeating the same day over and over, and that is the day Ravellon fell to the Shadows. Naturally, the Arcanists, who often cause world ending calamities in their quest for power, are trying to exploit the the hopes of gaining even more power. Kaylin and her partner Severn accompany the Arkon and Bellusdeo into the border zone and they find themselves trapped there. Unlike the problems in previous books its not really her abilities as the Chosen that Kaylin needs, instead it will require more of a group effort to escape.

Reading Cast in Wisdom (book 15) without at least reading the first 6 books of the series would be a terrible idea. The series starts with Cast in Shadow and it is required reading along with the next 5 books to understand the world and who and what Kaylin is. Cast in Flame (book 10) would also be helpful because it's one of the few times the Arkon ventured from his library. This is an epic series that has many storylines but the largest of them continues to reveal more about the nature of the Shadows and what really happened in Ravellon.