Hell Divers VI: Allegiance - life isn't easier on the surface

  • Posted on: 20 December 2019
  • By: Lore

Hell Divers 6 Allegiance Book CoverNow that the battle for the Metal Islands is over, the aftermath of that battle becomes the new focus. The former residents of the Hive now find themselves living on the surface and itd isn't the dream life that was expected. X quickly discovers that uniting the Sky People and the Cazadores into a single community is much harder than just letting them kill each other. Neither side truly respects the other, and just because X is weary of killing it doesn't mean that everyone else is. X's attempt to form a new combined society in the Metal Islands could lead to a brighter future, but it is far more likely to just result in the extinction of the human race...

As usual there are the obligatory Hell Diver missions full of action and mutant enemies, but now that the story has moved onto the surface the bigger story arc takes center stage. The Cazadores and their brutal society don't make for trustworthy community members, but it turns out that the Sky People don't prove to be any better. Both sides make life difficult for X who finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place. As soon as he starts to keep the peace by hiding secrets from both sides it becomes obvious that things are likely to unravel. Not to mention that the mutant creatures and robot killing machines aren't the only enemies threatening this new society as the Cazadores also had some previously unknown human enemies that are still bent on taking them down.

I eagerly consumed this book upon release, and although I enjoyed it, I can't help but feel it has lost a little of the magic that made it unique now that the story has moved to the surface. The survival of humanity is still at stake, and things are as bleak as ever, but now it feels a bit more like the many other apocalyptic tales that are available to read. That being said, I will not hesitate to pick up the next installment upon release because many characters that I care about are still trying to survive and I have to know how it turns out for them.

R. C. Bray does the narration of the audiobook and there is no better voice for this brand of post apocalyptic action - he brings it to life and more.