The Burning White - the finale of the Lightbringer series

  • Posted on: 22 November 2019
  • By: Lore

The Burning White Book CoverThe Burning White is the long anticipated conclusion to the Lightbringer series and it is the longest book in the series by far. Brent Weeks brings all of the main characters back and he weaves the many threads of story together into one epic battle that determines the future of the Seven Satrapies. Then he tacks on three Epilogues and a "Postlude" just to make sure that he brings additional closure to some of the character arcs. That certainly has to be enough right? Nope, there is also a Shawarma scene available online which is intended to be read only AFTER you have read the book (link will be provided later.) This is all very welcome by me since I love closure, and I hate to be left hanging, but is the ending truly satisfying?

Well I guess that depends on which ending you are talking about. Brent has been layering complexity onto this story with each additional book and also providing new insight into old events that make you rethink what you know about the characters. This book is no different in that regard and it includes some interesting flashbacks that reveal key events from the past with serious implications about the future. Weeks keeps you guessing along the way as he builds up to the final battle where everything comes together and the future is determined. What is included in the actual book is indeed a satisfying conclusion but it is far from perfect. There are some plot developments that I didn't care for at all but I will leave it at that to avoid any spoilers. Overall it is a good series, with a few flaws, that ended at the right time.

Or did it? As stated earlier there is an additional Shawarma scene that can be found online here that is intended to be read only after the conclusion of the book. This homage to the Avengers post-credits movie scene is a nice touch and I do appreciate the extra little bit of story. Time to move on to something else right? Nope. Because there is also the "real ending" to the story that Weeks has also published. Warning - read this at your own risk! (It can be found here.) Is that truly the real ending? I guess that is up to you to decide, but for me the Postlude events which are in the actual book prove that it is not the real ending and just the author having some fun.

Simon Vance narrated the entire series for the audiobook version and since he is a master of his craft his performance makes listening a very enjoyable experience.