The Broken Eye - middle book of the Lightbringer series

  • Posted on: 7 June 2019
  • By: Lore

The Broken Eye Book CoverGavin Guile is technically still the Prism, but unfortunately he is not capable of fulfilling the needs of his office in any way. Once the most powerful man alive he now finds himself an oar slave aboard a galley out at sea and even if he were to find a way to escape it really wouldn;t matter much. After all he can no longer draft any color of magic after being stabbed with the Blinding Knife for a second time and what value is a Prism that can't draft? None at all which means he isn't even a valuable hostage. Things can't really get any worse for Gavin Guile at this point can they? Oh yes indeed, they most certainly can...

This book puts the war against the Color Prince a bit into the background and instead focuses on the vying for power in Gavin's absence. These means flushing out a number of other story lines, including the role that the Order of the Broken Eye is playing in the big picture. As some of the members of this secret society are revealed their hidden agendas come into the light and that changes the way you look at certain characters and their motivations. All of this is a part of the heavy character building that goes on in this middle book,  and although it did drag a bit in the middle. it is quite satisfying the learn more about the characters you have come to care about.

Originally planned to be a trilogy, this series was extended into five books and I must admit some of what occurs in this book felt like filler at times; however, the big events towards the end of the book saved the day and set the stage well for the rest of the series. There is still a lot to be sorted out and I am looking forward to seeing where this series winds up.

For audiobook fans, Simon Vance does another awesome job as the narrator and he really does a great job with all of the characters. A great listen if you have the option.