The Blinding Knife - MtG invades the Lightbringer series.

  • Posted on: 3 May 2019
  • By: Lore

The Blinding Knife Book CoverBook two of the Lightbringer series picks up right where The Black Prism left off, which means things are in a bad state for Gavin Guile. After losing the battle against the Color Prince, the Seven Satrapies are now only six in number and Gavin is on the run with boatloads of refugees. This alone would be a major issue for anyone, but for Gavin it is only one of many. His tenure as the Black Prism is in jeopardy for many reasons, but none more dire than the fact that he has lost access to the color blue. This ultimately means that he is dying.

All of the main characters are back and even though some decisions felt a little "out of character" at times the character development was still the strength of this book. Most of the characters are flawed individuals, and have a dark side that surfaces from time to time, but I still found myself invested in a number of them. Some newer characters are also interesting, especially those involved in the sequences related to the Blackguard selection process. I really enjoyed that part of the story and it also helped me accept Kip as a character even though I wasn't fond of him after the first book.

One of the more interesting concepts added to the story is the game of Nine Kings, which is a "Magic the Gathering" style game where the cards are based on Chromaturgy and famous drafters of various colors. In a world where the colors of light fuel the magic system it is a natural fit for there to be a game based on the colors. Brent Weeks does acknowledge at the end of the book that MtG was the inspiration for Nine Kings and I think he did a good job of working it in.

While I enjoyed this book overall it has some of the same flaws as the first book (sexist and immature writing) so if that bothers you then don't expect anything to change here. I find the overall story to be compelling enough to put the flaws aside and keep going and I am looking forward to the remaining books. This was originally supposed to be a trilogy but is now planned to be a five book story arc.