Earthfall - conclusion of The Circuit series

  • Posted on: 15 March 2019
  • By: Lore

Earthfall Book CoverThings have been building up for two books and now it is time to find out how it all plays out. Cassius' plan to destroy the religous zealots of the New Earth Tribunal is simple in concept - you can't worship the spirit of the Earth if there is no Earth, so he plans to do just that. It is also just as likely that his plans involve more than just revenge. Most of the rest of the characters are pawns in his game, but they have started to figure that out, and the word is spreading that the war was orchestrated by Cassius from the start. This fact is prompting others like Sage and Talon to pursue their own agendas, so the final confrontation of this war is going to be a wild ride. 

Up until now Cassius has been one step ahead of everyone but that is no longer the case. Even ADIM, his android creation, is off pursuing his own agenda, and when this volatile mix of individual decisions finally all comes together it is going to be a mess. No matter how it turns out one thing is certain, Cassius' goal of disrupting the status quo in The Circuit will be a reality. Luckily this book wraps it all up nicely and doesn't leave things hanging as the trilogy concludes in a satisfying way. Of course it is unclear what the future holds for humanity when all is said and done, so even though Rhett C. Bruno provides closure he also leaves himself room to write more if he chooses to do so.

Jefferson Mays narrates the entire trilogy for the audiobook version and he really helps bring it to life. What is also nice is that the entire trilogy is available in a "Complete Saga" edition on both Audible and Kindle which makes it very convenient to pick up, no matter what your preferred method of consumption is.