Fields of Fire - the time to fight back has finally come

  • Posted on: 10 November 2017
  • By: Lore

Fields of Fire Book CoverThe fifth book of the Frontlines series brings the story to a turning point for mankind. The first four books have seen humanity dominated by the alien Lankies, losing battle after battle, and abandoning every human planet except for Earth. Even then, the relentless attacks coming from the Lanky inhabited planet of Mars have caused humanity to barely maintain a hold on Earth. With our existence on the brink, the only option left is to go "all in" and launch an offensive to reclaim our solar system. Gathering up the scraps of the space fleet to attack Mars is a desperate play, but there are no other alternatives left.

Marko Kloos offers up some more of his straight forward military sci-fi writing as this series continues to gain momentum with each new book. Both the series and the characters have grown on me over time and I must admit that I was excited to see this one released.  Following the career of Andrew Grayson wasn't that interesting at first, but now I am invested in him as a character, and his personality makes the overall story arc that much better. Experiencing the massive fight for survival against the Lankies from the perspective of one soldier is turning out to be more entertaining than I initially thought it would be. This was another solid entry in the series and it left me eager for the next book.

With Luke Daniels narrating the entire series it is a real win-win to listen to this on audiobook. As soon as I hear Luke's voice it transports me back into the fight against the Lankies and makes me ready to do my part to help save mankind. If you have enjoyed the series so far, then don't hesitate to pick this one up.