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Since I have now been playing Clash Royale for over a year I feel that I have enough experience to say what a truly excellent game it is. I am also not the only ToJ member who has played for this period of time as Radjan and Kraygus are both close behind me in their playtime. For those who don't know, Clash Royale is a mobile game (Android & iOS) which pits two players against each other in a 3 minute duel. Each player enters the match with a "deck" of 8 cards from their collection that consists of troops, buildings, and/or spells. Each player spends elixir, which builds slowly over time, to play their cards which then come alive on the field of the arena. Troops can mostly only be played on your side of the field and they will then walk towards the enemy down 2 predefined lanes. There are ranged and melee troops as well as ground and flying making for lots of complex interactions. Buildings are mostly defensive structures that you place on your own side of the field to defend against enemy troops or to spawn troops at regular intervals. Finally, spell cards deliver direct damage or buffs/debuffs to the troops and buildings on the field. 

The goal is to destroy your opponents towers and whoever has destroyed the most towers after 3 minutes wins. There is a sudden death overtime period if the game is tied when the 3 minute timer is up. As of today there are 71 different cards in the game with a new one being added every 3 weeks. With the various challenges that they run on the weekends the game has remained fresh and challenging for more than a year now and really is worth trying. It has bits of Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone, and MOBA gameplay all rolled into a very accessible package. This game has something for everyone with "free to play" players being able to compete in challenges and tournaments where card levels are regulated and "pay to win" players having the ability to level their cards beyond tournament standards and climb higher on the competitive ladder to achieve better prizes. 

This game just strikes such a great balance of things - fun matches that play quick, endless number of deck design strategies, battle tactics and interactions that must be learned and mastered, regular rewards are provided, plenty of cards to chase and level up over time, and various game modes so there is plenty to do and achieve over time. This is definitely a game worth trying with a very large online community dedicated to the game including all kinds of content creators. If you decide to give it a go, or just want to learn more about the game, here are some good resources to know about:


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5 Quality You Tubers:

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If you want to play your PC you can do so through an Android Emulator. I use Bluestacks but there are many to choose from. 

If you give it a try and have any questions feel free to ask away.