The Innkeeper's Son - cliché fantasy to the core.

  • Posted on: 3 March 2017
  • By: Lore

The Innkeeper's Son Book CoverThere are so many fantasy books available these days that it is quite difficult for an author to be unique and tell a tale that hasn't been told in some form already.  There are also cases where an author doesn't even try to be unique and thus we have The Innkeeper's Son. This book is packed full of standard fantasy clichés and it comes with a big dose of "deus ex machina" to make matters worse. The characters themselves are pretty typical and when you combine them with a tired premise it all adds up to an experience that has very little unique about it.

The story is centered around a thousand year old prophecy which foretells the downfall of the current evil ruler, Desirmor. The time has finally come for this ancient prophecy to be fulfilled and the foretold savior just happens to be the naïve son of a seemingly modest innkeeper. His mute sister also happens to have a role to play in fighting this all-consuming evil and when the bad guys finally show up at the inn to they both narrowly manage to escape. Because they are separated after the attack on the inn the book has two separate story lines, one for each of them. I found the sister's story to be the more interesting of the two as it contained the only characters with some personality. However, those characters were not enough to rescue this one from mediocrity.

Is this book terrible? No it isn't. There are actually a few points where things get interesting but they just aren't enough. If you are new to Fantasy then there are so many better choices that I can't recommend this and if you are a veteran of the genre then you've read this all before so better to go re-read one of your favorites.

Perhaps this is a case where a great audiobook narrator can add life to the characters and make a worthy listen out of a boring read? Sadly no. Duncan White's performance isn't any better than the writing and the recording itself is slightly off. To give Duncan some credit he does a decent variety of voices but his downfall is that he is fairly monotone and the character interactions don't feel genuine in the manner in which he delivers them. If you are desperate and decide to give this one a go then I recommend that you read it instead of listening