Starseers - more popcorn sci-fi in the Fallen Empire series

Posted by Lore on Fri, 02/17/2023 - 00:49

In the last book, Captain Alisa Marchenko learned that the mysterious Starseers had kidnapped her daughter and Alisa vowed to get her back. The problem with that vow is nobody actually knows where the Starseers are since they are masters of mind manipulation and keep themselves hidden away. Of course this is a popcorn sci-fi book, so one of Alisa's passengers, Yumi, just happens to be the daughter of a Starseer and she knows of a planet where they have a temple. And another of her passengers, Alejandro, is also interested in paying the Starseers a visit to learn more about his mysterious orb, so off they all go to the planet Arkadius. Contrivances aside, just knowing where the Starseers are is a far cry from Alisa actually being able to get her daughter back, and the Starseers aren't exactly inclined to help Alejandro with his orb quest either, since they feel that the orb belongs to them. All of this means that when the Star Nomad does arrive at the planet Arkadius, and the crew manages to find the Starseers, it should make for an interesting confrontation.

It is indeed interesting when they get to Arkadius and when the competing agendas of everyone on the Star Nomad come into play then chaos ensues. WHich is pretty much a "more of the same" vibe for this series. Alisa continues to lust over Leonidas and make bad decisions in the hope that he will return the feelings, Alejandro continues to care only about his quest, and Beck continues to be pursued by the mafia. Only Yumi actually gets some real character development as we learn about her past when she gets to visit with her estranged Starseer mother who hasn't seen her in many years. If you liked the prior books then you should like this one too.

I do like all the books in this series so far, and the characters are interesting enough even if they aren't very deep, but my biggest gripe is that each of these books feels more like a couple of chapters in a larger story, and not worthy of being stand alone novels. There are 9 books in the series now, and two novellas, and my guess is that it all adds up to being a decent trilogy for many other authors. So if you are looking for some light sci-fi with a sense of humor in bit size chunks, then these might be worth your time, but audiobook listeners may give pause to listening to this series due the book length. There is an Omnibus on Audible narrated by Kate Reading that includes the first 3 books and one of the novellas, but after that you'll be coughing up a credit each for each of the rest of them.