Honor's Flight - betrayal and conflicts of interest

Posted by Lore on Fri, 02/03/2023 - 06:20

In the first book of the series, Star Nomad, Captain Alisa Marchenko and her crew never even made it to their destination, but they finally do in this book. The Empire may have lost the war, but the planet of Perun is still a stronghold for Empire supporters, so the Star Nomad isn't exactly welcome. Luckily for Marchenko, one of her passengers, Alejandro, is able to use his influence to clear the way for an authorized landing. Alisa is here to be reunited with her daughter, who she hasn't seen in years, and Alejandro is here to do some research on his mysterious artifact to further his unknown quest. Marchenko isn't sure exactly what happens after she is reunited with her daughter, but she is still dreaming of a life as a freighter pilot and plans to take her daughter with her. However, it doesn't take long for her to learn that something dreadful has happened and all her plans are for naught. While she was off fighting in the war, the Starseers came and took her daughter away, so it's time for a new plan. Track down the all powerful Starseers and get her daughter back, no matter what the cost....

Alejandro's quest doesn't go any better than Alisa's, so there is a lot of action to take in as we learn more about the various main characters, who are a volatile group of individuals. Beck is wanted by the White Dragon mafia, Leonidas (the Cyborg) has a bounty on his head offered by the Alliance, Alejandro is attacked as he tries to further his secret quest on behalf of the Empire, and Alisa now plans to take on a mysterious and powerful group of space sorcerers in order to get her daughter back. And to add a little extra spice, Alisa tries to betray Alejandro to get some info on her daughter, and that plan backfires in spectacular fashion. Yet, somehow, it all results in a reason for the crew and passengers of the Star Nomad to stick together and head off planet to further their very divergent interests. Next up, heading to a planet with a secret Starseer temple on it.

I enjoyed book two but Alisa's growing lust for Leonidas continues to be strung along, and it becomes the justification for way too many bad decisions. I suspect that will not change going forward but I am still eager to find out what happens next.

Kate Reading continues to narrates the audiobook version of this series and she delivers a solid performance once again.